About Hayley Huckson- Contemporary Modern Artist

My name is Hayley Huckson. I was born in Cardiff and have lived in Wales all my life.

I had a creative side for drawing in my youth but didn’t pursue it as life and children took my time and i satisfied my creative leaning with cross stich and other things less messy than painting. 

In 2010 on a rainy afternoon I went to the art store for some cross stitch threads and found myself smoothing the soft hair brushes in the painting section. I was overcome with an urge to paint so I got myself some gouache paints and some brushes and paper and decided to give it a go. Very quickly I got the bug and progressed to oil paints within a month. Since then I mostly paint in oils but occasionally do acrylics too and paint virtually every day.

About Me !!

I have found a blissful peace when I am painting that calms my thoughts and transports me to a place where thinking is neither allowed or appreciated!! Calm, intuitive, creativity is so peaceful for my soul and I really hope that comes across in my paintings and allows the viewer to get a sense of the tranquillity and stillness.

Along side painting I studied and achieved a BscHons in Criminal Psychology which was an amazing experience with the Open University.

Both painting and psychology remain my biggest life passions and things that I incorporate into my life daily. About Hayley Huckson.