Art as Healing For Mental and Spiritual Wellness.

Art as Healing

Just recently all my artwork has been seascapes. I do love seascapes and it always means a lovely day out at the coast taking lots of photos and relaxing while soaking up the atmosphere that only the ocean can bring.

The sound of the waves so rhythmic and steady always calms my busy mind and I find myself breathing deeper and closing my eyes. The noise of the water, the background noise of wildlife and people a gentle hum in the background, I could easily fall asleep no matter what time of day!!

In my painting career I have found that when I am drawn to seascapes it, for me, represents emotions and turbulent times. Recently my mother passed away and I have been experiencing mixed emotions, having good days and bad. As the daughter of a narcissistic mother, it is very hard to explain the turmoil and emotions that come with anything concerning our mothers but particularly death.

When I paint a seascape, I am (in most of my paintings), looking to create a calm smooth surface and the motion of the brush calms me as I move, but just recently I have the urge to use some of that inner supressed emotions. By doing turbulent skies that require a totally different brush stroke, fast, swirling, but delicate and refined allows me to free some of my darker emotions.

Some people find their release through crying or physical activity or a thousand different ways, but I get my cathartic release from painting calmness, tranquillity and a sereneness that mostly is not inside me at that moment but through painting it I can feel it. And in doing so that tranquillity is passed from the painting into me as I am transferring the paint to the canvas. A process of creating and being created by the same action. This is how I find art as healing

It is my aim, my ambition, that my paintings inspire the same response in the viewer and that peaceful energy radiates outwards sooths the mind and body. That one can stop on a busy day in front of one of my seascapes and take a breath in the moment and perhaps remember the rhythmic churning of the waves, the salt in the air, the breeze on their face, before carrying on with the hectic life that everyone has these days.

I hope you have enjoyed this small glimpse into my life at the moment, if you would like to comment or ask me anything please feel free, I look forward to hearing from you.


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