Endless Rhythm, Original Seascape Oil Painting


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Endless Rhythm, Seascape Oil Painting – Original Artwork

  • Name: Endless Rhythm
  • Size: 12″x 10″ 0.5″
  • Medium:  Oil paint on canvas secured on a wooden frame
  • Complete with a signed certificate of authenticity for provenance.
  • Direct from the artist
  • Unframed

Endless Rhythm Seascape oil painting is modern painted with palette knife and brushes.

This painting was inspired by the rugged coastline at Southerndown on the Heritage coast in South Wales. Having been a frequent visitor to this beach my experience has been of crashing waves on the jagged rocks and spray flying high into the air, and although I have captured that many times I wanted to catch it in a moment of calm. It did take a couple of visits I have to say because the tide and the weather does make for spectacular viewing of a rugged coastline, but it is a little rarer to catch to still calm side of this area.

I wanted to use a limited palette to enhance the peaceful atmosphere there was at the time. It was as if huge row had stopped for that moment knowing what had been and what was still to come. A brief hiatus in the usual chaos.

My aim in this painting was to create a relaxing limited palette seascape that focusses on the rocks that Southerndown is famous for and bring it together with a bright sky and calm ripples on the water.


  • black
  • white
  • Van Dyke Brown
  • Burnt Sienna

Hayley’s Seascapes are extremely popular worldwide and are in homes and private collections globally.  Postage is via Royal Mail and paintings will be securely wrapped with bubble wrap/box/tube/crate.

This Painting will be sent : Bubble wrap and brown packing paper

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