Racing the Gulls Seascape Original Oil Painting


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Racing the Gulls Seascape Oil Painting – Original Artwork

  • Name: Racing The Gulls
  • Size: 12″x 10″ 0.5″
  • Medium:  Oil paint on canvas secured on a wooden frame
  • Complete with a signed certificate of authenticity for provenance.
  • Direct from the artist
  • Unframed

Racing the Gulls Seascape oil painting is modern painted with palette knife and brushes.

On a recent trip to New Quay in west wales I spent a lot of time in the harbour and on the beach, as I seem to do everywhere I go. I was having a moments fascination with the enormous rusty old chains embedded in part in the soft sand when a seagull squawked so loudly it made me look up from my rusty chain study. My eyes were instantly drawn to the boats on the horizon looking like they were racing off to Cardigan Bay or beyond.

As I thought what a wonderful sight a seagull rushed into view much closer to the shore but really looking like it wanted to be in the boat race, but of course overtook them all in no time and flew away to what ever business it had. The tiny ripples eventually hit the shore as part of just another wave and before long they were just specks in the distance me half thinking I would like to be with them and half of me glad I was still onshore to return to admiring the shapes and patterns in the rusty old chains securing a fishing boat to the shore.

My aim for this painting was to capture the gull and boats having a race = even if it was only in my mind = I chose dramatic colours for the sea and sky because the scene took me by surprise from my rusty old chains daydreaming into the here and now and was such an incredible sight.


  • black
  • white
  • Van Dyke Brown
  • Burnt Sienna

Hayley’s Seascapes are extremely popular worldwide and are in homes and private collections globally.  Postage is via Royal Mail and paintings will be securely wrapped with bubble wrap/box/tube/crate.

This Painting will be sent : Bubble wrap and brown packing paper

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