Secret Hideaway Seascape Original Oil Painting


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Secret Hideaway Seascape Oil Painting – Original Artwork

  • Name: Secret Hideaway
  • Size: 10″x 8″ 0.5″
  • Medium:  Oil paint on canvas secured on a wooden frame
  • Complete with a signed certificate of authenticity for provenance.
  • Direct from the artist
  • Unframed

Secret Hideaway Seascape oil painting is modern painted with palette knife and brushes.

I was sitting at the beach late one evening watching the waves rippling and the shifting sky swirling above thinking about how still I felt when everything around me was in constant chaotic motion. The sound of the waves lulled me along my thoughts as the shadows got deeper. The moon started to rise as if to remind me that I must rise also and go home, it cast an incredible light over the water contrasting with deep dark shadows forming on the water. It was a captivating sight. I let the idea ferment in my mind overnight then painted this the next day. At the time I felt such peace but also a little bit of anxiousness at being at the beach so late, if it is possible to feel both things at the same time!!

My aim for this painting was to capture the magnificent light of the moon and the depth of shadow cast by the vegetation and, in doing so, I felt this painting was very intimate like a secret place that only the viewer and creator would see.


  • black
  • white
  • Van Dyke Brown
  • Burnt Sienna
  • Pthalo Blue

Hayley’s Seascapes are extremely popular worldwide and are in homes and private collections globally.  Postage is via Royal Mail and paintings will be securely wrapped with bubble wrap/box/tube/crate.

This Painting will be sent : Bubble wrap and brown packing paper

Drop off is also available in the Vale of Glamorgan area. Contact me