Silent Rain Seascape Original Oil Painting


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Silent Rain Seascape Oil Painting – Original Artwork

  • Name: Silent Rain
  • Size: 12″x 10″ 0.5″
  • Medium:  Oil paint on canvas secured on a wooden frame
  • Complete with a signed certificate of authenticity for provenance.
  • Direct from the artist
  • Unframed

Silent Rain Seascape oil painting is modern painted with palette knife and brushes.

I was at one of my usual spots at the beach somewhere on the South Wales coastline breathing in the sights and smells that are so familiar to me after so many years, like an old jumper you put on for comfort. The sky was gloomier than usual, and it did smell like rain, I don’t know how to describe the smell of rain in the air, but if you know you know.

The rain started lightly at first and I could have got up and sheltered but I really was enjoying the feeling of the light rain on my skin and the low brooding sky looking like it was perched on top of the waves. Then literally a second later the heavens opened, and the downpour took me by surprise with the rain hitting the ocean hard enough for the sea to splash back at it. Pretty soon it was a watery chaos that was beautiful to watch, so despite being absolutely saturated in 3 seconds I was transfixed by the rain hitting the water and the water hitting back with big splashes.

My aim for this painting was to capture that dynamic fight and exchange from one water body to another. The shadows in the turmoil of the water coming from the dark clouds above heavy with more ammunition.


  • black
  • white
  • Van Dyke Brown
  • Burnt Sienna
  • Pthalo Blue

Hayley’s Seascapes are extremely popular worldwide and are in homes and private collections globally.  Postage is via Royal Mail and paintings will be securely wrapped with bubble wrap/box/tube/crate.

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