Wild Camping in Rhayader

Wild camping in peaceful rural Wales Rhayader

Well!! Wild Camping in the great outdoors, (NO WIFI) what an experience that was !! Me and the kids in a tent in a field in the wilderness for 2 days. The plus side was I have paid more for 30 minutes on a bouncy castle than we did for 2 days camping!!

Rhayader, Wales

Truth be told we all loved it, it was peaceful (silent at night) no hoards of people, no noisy neighbours, no clubhouse, no nothing really, just stunning welsh scenery and …. well….. sheep, a LOT of sheep!!! I wasn’t sure how we were going to get on with wild camping as its been about 20 years since I have been and NEVER with the kids. Surprisingly the kids loved it, followed all instructions and we were set up and had a cuppa within 45 minutes. I had visions of tantrums and tiaras and trying to bang tent poles in at 11pm in the pitch black, but no, it went well!!

It was forecast for thunder storms – foolishly we decided to go anyway feeling all very gung-ho! But I am so so very pleased we only had 2 mild showers – even they were enough to flashback to 20 years ago when I romantically thought camping in the foothills of Ben Nevis would be sublime, it literally rained the WHOLE time and the field was a marshy bog, with a Golden Retriever in toe it was a recipe for disaster.

After much consternation about the temporary toilet for the weekend everyone settled in to the wild camping life (traveller life as the kids called it) got the cooker out, successfully made food (soup) successfully ate it without too much spillage, we settled into a good old game of cards. The fresh air and lack of wifi signal sent us all to bed early – that an the shear physical effort it takes to be a camper, having a full body work out from start to finish – but of course we couldn’t sleep!! how noisy are sheep ?? when there is no other noise it is like being at a sheep rock concert right next to the speakers wishing you had ear defenders on!

Wild Camping in Rhayader
View from the Tent

We decided it was a bad job and we would just wait up to see a clear sky with no light pollution what-so-ever (nearest town was a few miles away) surely this is what Wild Camping was made for. Desperately wanting the kids to see what the sky really looks like without the aid of street lights we sat patiently waiting for the skies to clear, and we waited……and listened to the sheep … and waited…… and waited …… At 11.30 the sheep were quiet, it was pitch black and silent. The silence was LOUD it was so quiet!!

While I was doing my best to get in touch with my inner nature lover and creative juices flowing, the kids were impatient and started falling over guide ropes and stuff so we decided to call it a night and disappointedly went to bed. It rained a couple of times in the night …. I know because I got woken up by the kids saying “what’s that noise” …… but we stayed waterproof and made it through the night.

All in all we loved it and are planning our next weekend already!! Rhayader was wonderful and I would recommend it as it has outstanding natural beauty and mountains galore. We are off to West Wales next time, there were lessons learnt and we are work in progress campers but happy campers 🙂

Until next time!!!